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brass buddy

if you are safe, so will your childrens.

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COVID 19 has shown us that germs can be quite harmful. What can we do if we are constantly exposed to infected surfaces, door handles and many others? This tool is the solution to avoid getting infected. Using this contact less key - "Brass Buddy" - you can safely open doors without touching the handles. It can also be used at ATM's, which are known to hold incredible amounts of bacteria and laden with germs. With its flat stylus tip, a door hook, and a comfortable finger hole, this tool is a must for every American who cares about their well being.


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Brass Buddy makes sure 99% of bacteria that come in contact with it die within two hours.

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Extremely portable and practical it also has a keyring loop to get attached to your keys.


Made out of the best quality materials, a brass alloy consisting of 68% Copper.


Feel safe and secure when using Brass Buddy at the ATM.

Attaches easily to your keychain so you will never leave home without it.

Don’t lose time waiting for others to open the door for you.

Don’t look silly trying to press the elevator buttons with your elbows.

Don’t waste your money buying expensive gloves and antibacterial. Be practical. 

Try this awesome tool now, you won't regret it and it will become an essential tool in your arsenal!

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