SnugHug Reversible Baby Carrier

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SnugHug Reversible Baby hip-seat Carrier

Carrying your baby 👶🏽 close to your chest helps comfort and reassure them, but it can also be very tiring 😰 on the arms. Give your arms, shoulders, and back a much-needed break while staying close to your baby with the Snug-Hug Reversible Baby Carrier. This thoughtfully designed harness allows you to carry your age-appropriate baby facing towards 🥰 you (young babies) or away from you (6 months-1-year-old children) in complete comfort. With adjustable straps, removable panels, and zippered pockets for everything from your smartphone 📲 to extra pacifiers 🍼, you’ll feel well-prepared and ready for traveling virtually anywhere with your little one.

    An adjustable Velcro-fastened stabilization belt provides a secure fit 💪🏼 for waists ranging from 31.50” up to 43.50”.

    Soft and comfortable, this reversible baby carrier “grows” with your baby 👍🏽 by allowing inward-facing or outward-facing support as they move from newborn to toddler.

    Adjustable straps and concealed zippers ensure snag-free comfort for both 👨‍👩‍👦 parent and baby.

    Ergonomically Designed

    Provides comfortable sitting position for baby as opposed to the traditional carrier that causes pressure and discomfort on delicate baby hips; ensures healthy skeletal development in all seating positions; can be used alone, combined with shoulder strap, or with shoulder strap and pouch; adapts with growth from baby to toddler; padded edges to protect sensitive baby skin.

    Use with Single seat:

    Easy to put on and take off the baby from the carrier, especially when the baby begin to learn walking.

    Use with shoulder strap + waist tool:

    It can balance the baby weight to shoulder and waist.

    Use with shoulder strap + waist tool + front cover:

    It can free user's hands ,convenient and comfortable

    Special Design-convenient for those who take care of baby alone

    Our carrier features secure back straps that cross so baby’s weight is distributed evenly across the shoulders and upper back. You can wear it by yourself easily because of our back cross strap designing, comparing to the “H” type strap, which is very hard to plug in the buckle backpack. It is very convenient for those who take care of baby alone. We’ve also included plush, extra-padded shoulder straps for your protection and ease of use. Padded shoulder straps for neck, abdomen, and shoulder comfort.

    Maximum Comfort

    The soft baby hip seat carrier provides optimal protection for your baby and you, the scientific angle of inclination supports the buttocks to prevent the baby from falling down, the outer layer is filled with a breathable sponge that lies close to the abdomen to reduce the shock


    Forward-facing, anti-slip seat provides front view for baby & optimal protection and comfort; adjusts to fit various body types; protects against lower back and abdomen pain with weight evenly distributed across shoulders and upper back

    Takeaway baby hood for wind and sun protection

    On top of that, we’ve included an extendable back panel that provides head support for younger babies when folded and provides back support for older babies when unfolded.


    Four multi-purpose pockets on side and front safely stow personal items, such as phone, wallet, pacifier; removable saliva towel to keep baby clean

    Suitable for babies 0-3 years old

    Our products rationally put the baby from birth to growth in three stages, and design the most suitable carrying products in these three stages. 

    FAQ :

    Q: Age and weight for this hip-seat?

    A: Baby hip-seat carrier is suitable for baby who is 0-36 months, 0-44lb. But the best use age ranges from 4 months to 1.5 years old. As most babies start to sit straight alone when they are 4 months. When babies are 1.5 years old, sole carrier can be used without straps. You can look through description on page for use instructions.

    Q: A maximum size belt?

    A: Generally the wait belts can fit for moms or daddies whose waist line is within 32 in - 43 in. It means most customers can wear it.

    Q: The original box will come?

    A: Default shipping pack is plastic bubble bag, so that to decrease shipping cost and offer customers best price. But pls don’t worry, delivery baby carrier is safe and sound with plastic bubble bag as it is safe and well sealed.

    Q: Can be used to carry the baby in my back?

    A: We don’t strongly recommend back carry although many parents would like to wear it in back. As it is not safe for baby.

    Q: Delivery time after I purchase?

    A: Generally it will be shipped within 1-2 days. For most customers will receive it in 5 - 13 business days. 

    Q: What is the elastic band in the end?

    A: It is used to adjust straps. Pls see video for procedure. Sincerely hope it will help you.

    Q: Little tips for balance the baby weight to the shoulder and waist.

    A: You can adjusted the straps (the one connects back belt and hip-seat) to balance the baby weight to the shoulder and waist.