BRASSPAL™ KEY TOOL Avoid Infected surfaces with our contact less tool

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    COVID-19 contactless key

    Product Description

    Open the doors to buildings or offices safely by grasping the tool in your hand and hooking it over the handle. Push elevator, ATM, or gas station buttons with it. When paying for groceries, you can even use it on the touchscreens to sign your name for payment. Now you don't have to use your fingers to touch anything in public during this global health crisis!

      • Made out of the best quality materials- a brass alloy consisting of 68% copper.
      • Includes Silicon tip to safety use any touch screen device  
      • Brass Pal makes sure 99% of bacteria that come in contact with it die within two hours.

      • Extremely portable and practical- it also has a keyring loop to get attached to your keys.

    Try this excellent tool now, you won't regret it and it will become an essential tool in your arsenal!

    The Brass-pal, containing both Copper and Zinc is naturally antimicrobial - so germs and bacteria can't flourish on the metal surface. You can still disinfect it with any cleaner or sanitizer without worrying about corrosion or tarnishing. Milled from a solid piece of brass, it's durable and features a built-in hole for attaching to your keyring.


    - Minimize Direct Germ Contact In Public
    - Open Door Handles, Levers, and More
    - Push Elevator, ATM, and Gas Station Buttons
    - Use on Touch Screens for Credit Card Payments
    - Naturally Antimicrobial
    - Use if you Don't Have Gloves Handy
    - Resists Corrosion/Tarnishing
    - You can also use any Sanitizer or Disinfectant on It
    - Durable, Solid Brass Alloy Key