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    Pop Dart Sucker Toy

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    The best family-friendly stress-relieving toys.

    From children to adults, it is extremely safe. The darts set is composed of soft food-grade silicone rubber, which has a great grip on flat surfaces and leaves no residue. It will not endanger anyone if you accidentally hit someone, and it will not harm a baby or child if they bite them by mistake.

    A helpful stress reliever. When you're in a terrible mood, you can treat it by hitting on any surface using this Pop dart sucker toy without leaving any evidence. It will also make a pleasant sound when you pull off the surface of the object.

    It can be washed and reused. When the surface is dusty, it affects its adhesion. Just simply wash them with water and they will return to their original state.


    1. Identify the target site. Place the orange "target" toy anywhere you want.
    (For example: desktop, window glass, car hood, refrigerator, mobile sweeping robot (difficulty level of play))

    2. Each receives the same quantity of "darts" toys. Toss the "target" toy from the same distance.
    3 Points = Closest
    1 Point = Each that stick
    0 Point = Fall down

    This is also open to fun experimenting. Your kids will appreciate connecting with one another and being in the company of other suckers. The goal is to create something creative. You may also enjoy it by sticking it to bathtubs, windows, school lockers, tabletops, desktops, and laptops, and it will never leave a sign of its presence.

    A. Big 9 Pcs - 4 Green , 4 Blue, 1 orange | 9.5 cm, 3.3cm
    B. Small 9 Pcs - 4 Green, 4 Blue, 1 orange | 7.5 cm, 3.3cm
    C. Big 12 Pcs - 5 Green , 5 Blue, 2 orange | 9.5 cm, 3.3cm
    D. Small 12 Pcs - 5 Green, 5 Blue, 2 orange | 7.5 cm, 3.3cm



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      Pop Dart Sucker Toy

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