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Breast Milk Collector Shells - 2 Pcs

Breast Milk Collector Shells - 2 Pcs

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The Breast Milk Collector Shells are exclusively designed for breastfeeding moms to help to collect breast milk leaks during the day, baby nursing, or pumping.

The soft silicone membrane helps to feel comfortable during wearing and keeps the breast milk cup collector from displacement. This protects the nipples from harm and prevents the overflow of the milk.

The air vent on top of each shell allows airflow so the nipples can be ventilated and heal faster if there's a crack or the breast is sore.

The Breast Milk Collector Shells are made of Eco-friendly, Food grade, and BPA Free Materials. This is Safe and much better than a nursing pad, you won't waste any precious breast milk while providing comfort when wearing a soft silicone milk collector.

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