Universal Pregnant Car Seat Belt

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Safety and Friendly Seat Belt for Expectant Mother


The standard seat belt might cause certain discomfort when you are pregnant. Your belly doesn’t need any extra pressure that the seat belt could cause. That is why you should switch to this Universal Pregnant Car Seat Belt.

One strap of the seat belt is going across your chest and the other across your thighs. Both you and your baby are fully secured while driving without feeling any distress. The belt is suitable for all women that are at least three months pregnant.


Also, women that have had any abdominal surgeries might prefer using this seat belt as well. It is super easy to install, easy to unstrap or move from passengers to drivers' seat.

Thousands of pregnant women and their babies suffer from car accidents every year! Conventional seat belts may be a potential hazard to a pregnant mother and her child. In an accident, the compression force on your belly from your seat belt will be harmful to the unborn baby inside of you. Bum-protection for pregnancy mother redirects the seat belt away from the belly, securing it on your legs (not across the low belly where it can injure your unborn baby). It eliminates the danger of putting pressure on the belly in case of sudden braking or accidents. 

All the safety advice out there tells you to just wear your seatbelt as low across your hips and thighs as possible, but if you were to get in an accident it would still push into your stomach essentially crushing the little nugget you have cocooned inside.

This belt is also great for any of post-C-Section mothers (or anyone who is posting abdominal surgery) who are scared to death to drive the days or weeks after surgery. Thanks to the repositioning of the belt, you won’t be wincing every time you see brake lights or the dreaded “bump ahead” sign – yay for getting out of the house!


The durability and safety of this belt adjuster are given by the material from which it is made, the material being similar to that used for normal belts. It ensures safety, protection, comfort, and the pleasure of driving even in these moments of your life. This belt reduces the risk of the unborn child’s injury in the case of a car accident. Grab it now!

MODEL: Universal Pregnant Car Seat Belt

LENGTH: 1.55 meters/61.02inch

APPLICABLE VERSION: Universal for all models

APPLICABLE PEOPLE: pregnant women, puerpera, abdominal surgery, stomach surgery, big belly, beer belly, etc. do not like the belly bound people



  1. Dispersing impact. The raised belt adjuster allows the belt to straddle the thigh instead of the abdomen, so that the impact force spreads in four directions, such as the shoulder, the sides of the waist, and the ankle, without pressing to the abdomen.
  2. Easy to install. The fixed belt can be installed once around the seat! Simple and intuitive installation method, so everyone can easily install and remove!
  3. Exquisite design. Only consider the function of the product itself; the size is small and exquisite; space can be naturally integrated with the interior space!
  4. Closely fit with the seat. When installing, riding, and getting off, there will be no foreign body sensation; the curve extending forward will not scratch the clothes; it can also be used normally when wearing a skirt!


1* pregnant women car seat belt



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