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English Magic Practice Copybook for Kids

English Magic Practice Copybook for Kids

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It's time to make learning more enjoyable!

Meet the Handwriting Tutor Who Will Make Your Child
Encourage and enhance independent learning, and you will be providing your child with a lifetime of self-taught development opportunities. This Copybook is an interactive tool that will not only encourage them to write but will also motivate them through games and prizes as they progress through the book.

There will be no more children who struggle with handwriting
Our set of four Copybooks focuses on children's writing skills, allowing them to have fun while improving their small motor skills. This will boost their self-confidence and allow them to concentrate on writing.

Smudge-Free Pages that are thick and durable
The paper is difficult to smudge and is intended to last for several years due to the grooved lettering and thick paper. It is made of silica gel, which is completely non-toxic and can be used safely around children. With each copybook purchase, you will receive a set of pencil grips. Each child has the ability to practice for a prolonged period of time. There is one pen holder and five pen cores in the entire collection.

Your child can use it as much as they want.
With the use of our Magic Pen, the ink will disappear automatically, and the Copybook can be reused. Your children will have unlimited practice!

The best book for early education
Develop fundamental abilities. Every page contains activities to help your child learn his or her letters, numbers, and pictures. It is an excellent tool for the development of fine motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination skills.


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