Non Slip Crawling Knee Pads Protector

$14.99 $19.99

No more, red sore knees!

Your little one is growing fast - and moving just as quickly. You want them to stay safe and comfortable, but are you protecting their knees properly?

These slide-on knee pads are easy to wear, stay on, and give parents valuable peace of mind, too! Each tube-shaped knee pad features a non-slip smiley face on the knee, giving your baby the traction he or she needs to navigate their world at carpet level. 

Made of a soft cotton-spandex blend, the cushy fabric lets your baby’s sensitive skin breathe, making them less likely to try to pull off these colorful knee pads while they’re being used. Keep a pair in with their outfits or tuck a set into your diaper bag so your little one is always ready to explore safely.

A ribbed-knit edge keeps each knee pad in place without feeling constricting or binding - perfect for active babies that are anxious to zoom from room to room! Excellent to use year-round, they fit just right and protect knees from bumps and bruises.

A great gift for babies that are just learning how to move around, the non-slip knee details keeps them from stretching out too far on the carpet and ending up flat on their belly. This passive resistance encourages them to move and exercise - a must for healthy growth!

Acquire this anti-slip design Baby Crawling Knee Pads at an affordable price and protect your baby’s knees!



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