Electric breast pump

$49.99 $99.99

Mother's milk the best food ...

breast pumps are proven to help mothers initiate, build, and maintain optimal breast milk supply for their little ones.
Our double breast pump can achieve high efficient suckling, express more milk in less time. It can save half of your time, really important for new and active moms. 

Our breast pumps are made of food grade material PP (without BPA), no harmful substances, and high temperature resistance. 
This dual electric breast pump is designed with 3 modes  4-2

Mom's best choice, smoothly sucked without trouble, it is safe, comfortable and  easy to clean.
Low power, little vibration, low noise, smooth running.
Small and light, easy to store and carry while going out.
The soft cushion of the breastfeeding pump can imitate the baby's lips and truly restore the baby's sucking strength and tongue state, without excessive pressure on the breasts, and effectively trigger lactation.

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