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Everything you need for a comfortable pregnancy - Part 2

 Part 2

  1. Belly Support Band
  • During pregnancy, belly bands are used to protect the lower back and abdomen. These flexible support garments can offer numerous advantages to pregnant women who are active, especially during the second and third trimesters.
  • Many women choose to wear belly bands in the early months of their pregnancy when they need less support. Women may, however, use belly bands during the postpartum months as they re-adjust to their pre-pregnancy clothes.
  1. Pregnancy Full Body Pillow
  • It can be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position when the belly expands. Sleeping on your back is not recommended when your belly grows because you risk constricting the vessels and arteries that supply blood to your infant. The more your belly grows, the more difficult it is to sleep on your stomach. During the second and third trimesters, side sleeping is preferred, but even this can be painful.
  • The Pregnancy Body Pillow can be extremely beneficial for pregnant women because it provides additional support for your hips, back, and legs while you find the most comfortable side-lying position. They can also relieve pressure on your joints. To realign your hip joints and relieve pressure, many women would put a pillow between their thighs as well.
  1. Supportive Bra
  • During pregnancy, your breasts may expand by at least one cup size and become heavy and sore, especially during the first trimester. During your pregnancy, you will almost certainly need at least one new bra. Since your breasts will be growing during your pregnancy, you should choose one that is supportive, gentle, and flexible.
  • If you want to breastfeed, you should consider purchasing and wearing a supportive cotton nursing bra (with latches on the cups for quick opening) during your pregnancy. However, breastfeeding will cause your breasts to develop, even more, so make sure to purchase a roomy nursing bra if you plan to start wearing it during pregnancy.
  1. Maternity Clothing
  • As your baby bump grows, you can find that you can no longer fit into all of your regular clothes. But there's no need to stock up on maternity clothes.
  • Maternity pants are likely to be the most important thing to stock up on, but you might be able to get away with a waist expander or just wearing sweatpants for a while. Maternity shirts and pants will be required by the second trimester as your abdomen, waistline, rib cage, and breasts expand and develop.
  • Having the right shoes during pregnancy will make or break your pregnancy. With the added weight and swelling, it's critical to find a pair that is secure, supportive, and simple to put on. You don't need to buy costly shoes, and you should definitely avoid wearing heels. Instead, choose the most comfortable option.
  1. Pregnancy Books
As you progress through the months, a good pregnancy book, particularly one with pictures and illustrations, can serve as a trusted pregnancy companion. In addition to addressing fetal growth and pregnancy bodily changes, several books will assist you in preparing for prenatal appointments and will include advice on what to expect during childbirth and postpartum.
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