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WarmieBuddy™ - Therapeutic weighted Plush

WarmieBuddy™ - Therapeutic weighted Plush

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Reduce stress and fall asleep faster.

Introducing the Therapeutic WarmieBuddy, the perfect gift for anyone who wants to reduce stress or fall asleep faster. This comforting and supportive tool helps kids and adults to stay focused by reducing tension and anxiety. The soft, plush weight helps to reduce stress and create a sense of peace and security, making it an ideal support tool for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed. Whether you're feeling anxious about a big exam or frustrated with a difficult day at work, the Therapeutic WarmieBuddy is the perfect emotional support tool to help you relax and decompress.

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Benefits of WarmieBuddy™

Reduce Stress and Increases Serotonin

Using a comforting weight has been shown to reduce stress and improve focus.

Fall Asleep Faster

Nothing is better than snuggling up with a weighted plushie and falling asleep. You'll fall asleep quicker than ever.

A perfect Gift for Someone You Love

WarmieBuddy are the perfect gift for a friend or family member. We guarantee they won't forget it!


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