Fast Formula USB-Rechargeable Milk Warmer

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When you’re out running errands or traveling with your baby, sticking to your normal feeding schedule is the fastest way to keep them happy and relaxed. Preparing a bottle of mixed formula on the go is a challenge, however, as a heat source isn’t usually available. The Fast Formula USB-Rechargeable Milk Warmer allows you to fix a bottle of your little one’s formula in seconds, all at the perfect temperature to entice them to eat. This clever system allows you to store your formula powder of choice and water for heating in a sleek USB-rechargeable cylinder, sized perfectly for a single bottle.

  • When it’s mealtime, simply select one of three heating levels to heat up your baby’s bottle - or keep it warm for up to 10 hours if you need to delay feeding.
  • Universal design fits most popular commercial baby bottles, and comes with a compatible bottle as well.
  • Slender, lightweight milk warmer measures approximately 9.69” tall and 3” wide for easy transport.

Easy to carry, perfect for travel!!!!

Safety first!!!

The Details show

Upgrade 01

High quality heating plate heating evenly and quickly.The water temperature that does not destroy milk powder nutrition just is
darling likes


Upgrade 02

The old man could read the temperature clearly.Accurate let the baby drink more close to the mother's milk,save worry save effort.

Our advantage
As a new mother,we understand your travel troubles.
Have you ever had the same experience?
1.Big pot and big bottle inconvenient to carry
2.Large volume of traditional milk warmer
restricted use
3.It is difficult to control temperature of the mixing water
It has the features of fitting most wide neck bottles,Easy cleaning Stainless Steel body,Simultaneously charging with a USB cord while heating. In order to support your initial global marketing, any quantity of products with logo and customization are welcome.
Product name:
Milk bottle insulation
Heating base shell-ABS
Warm milk
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