Baby Walking Harness

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Back-Saver Handheld Baby Walking Harness


You can feel it - your baby is ready to start practicing for their first steps: are you prepared to help? If you wince at the thought of bending or stoping for long periods, good news: the answer is here, and it’s smart, colorful, and made just for you.

This innovative baby harness is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Rather than attaching to your back or chest, it encourages your baby to balance and stand on their own. The difference is, you’ll be holding them safely up while they do: no more tumbles and no more tears!

Slide the harness over your baby’s torso like a shirt and grasp the padded handle above. As they walk, you can follow and hold them up without ever bending over. Their growing bodies will still get the critical body balance feedback with none of the scraped hands, skinned knees, or frustration of falling back and forth.  

To provide the most comfortable and secure fit, this baby walking harness is completely adjustable. Just tighten or loosen the buckle straps at the arms and around the back to achieve a customized look and feel that’s just right for your child.

This heavy-duty harness is ideal for helping your toddler build strong leg and torso muscles as they learn to walk. Capable of fully supporting up to 20 pounds, this baby harness is well sized to fit young children just starting to experiment with walking.

High-Quality Material: assures that the baby is comfortable. It is made with durable and robust material, with no tears or breaks from continuous walking practice.