Mother's Favorite Nursing Pillow For Baby

Mother's Favorite Nursing Pillow For Baby

Are you a new mom and wanted to know the importance of a nursing pillow for your newborn?

Or are you are a family member who wanted to help someone who always feels exhausted by feeding her babies?

If yes, you are on the right page!

The first question you have on your mind is...


All new moms, most especially those who breastfeed the baby encounter the most difficult adjustment to properly feed the baby.

Part of the process is to experience a painful engorged breast, sore nipples, neck, and back pain due to a long time of sitting and looking down to check your baby while you feed them.

This is the reason why a baby nursing pillow was made of!

A nursing pillow for babies helps you and your little one to have a wonderful and comfortable feeding journey.

The pillow will assist your baby's posture to get the perfect latching position.

A perfect latching position is necessary for effective breastfeeding and the transfer of milk. This will prevent nipple cracking, damage, and mastitis. In short, no more pain while feeding when using this pillow.


The nursing pillow was not only made for the baby, but also for the mother as well, here are other benefits of using this pillow:
  • Eases strain on your back, neck, and arms during epic mealtimes
  • Relieves the pressure off of your C-section wound to facilitate healing
  • Reduces pain from episiotomy
  • Gives baby easier access to your breast
  • Provides support during bottle-feeding
  • Props your child up to relieve them of reflux
  • Comforts and supports baby's back
  • Tummy time with nursing pillow



We have checked and found this cool, adjustable, and uniquely designed best nursing pillow by a breastfeeding mom.
The pillow has a butterfly-like wings design, its six layers can flip back and forth so you can adjust it depending on the baby's height or size.
This also achieves the perfect nursing angle and improved latching and ideal to avoid baby having an Acid Reflux or Gerd.
And lastly, this pillow can cover the different nursing position:
  • Cradle
  • Cross-Cradle
  • Football Hold

We've checked a nursing pillow reviews and here are what the most mom says:

"Breastfeeding with nursing pillow is now much easier and more enjoyable!" - Dana

"I love this pillow when having a football feeding position, it helps me to recover my stitches from having a C-section." -Mariel

"It's easy to use, easy to bring. I am amazed at how compact this nursing pillow. It's just a ribbon away!" -Jennie

"So easy to wash! The machine warm on a gentle cycle and tumble it dry and low helps me to clean the pillow." -Cheska

"I purchased this before our daughter was born. I love how you can adjust the head level by just flipping the different levels of the pillow. The options are endless." -Bea

"My little one is already 2 years old and I am still using this! This helps me do other stuff with my hands while feeding my Lora" -Lilly
Recognized by professionals and specialized media NY Mag, The Bump, Parent Magazine, and Baby Gear Lab, this is will become your best friend pillow for nursing your baby.

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Best Nursing Pillow for Mom and Baby

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