Free Printable Pregnancy And Newborn Checklist

Free Printable Pregnancy And Newborn Checklist

Joy, excitement, anticipation, and nervousness are just a few of the emotions you may feel if you've recently found out you're pregnant. It's a wonderful time, but it can also be overwhelming. A pregnancy checklist will help you stay organized!

We've put together a handy early pregnancy checklist to serve as a guide for you throughout your maternity journey. See the following lists:

When you find out you're pregnant, you should do the following:
◻️ Schedule a consultation with an obstetrician.
◻️ Quit smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs, all of which can harm your baby's development.
◻️ Rest as much as you can.
◻️ Make an appointment for your teeth to be cleaned.
◻️ Follow food safety precautions.

The Pregnancy Essentials Kit consists of the following items:
◻️ A Good Moisturizer
◻️ Belly Support Band
◻️ Pregnancy Full Body Pillow
◻️ Maternity Clothing
◻️ Supportive Bra
◻️ Universal Pregnancy Seat belt
◻️ Prenatal Monitoring Devices
     ◻️ At-Home Fetal Doppler Heartbeat Detector
     ◻️ Ultrasound Conductive Gel
     ◻️ Finger Clip Pulse Oximeter
     ◻️ No Contact Forehead Thermometer

Advisable to take/do the ff:
◻️ Daily intake of prenatal vitamins
◻️ Folic acid
◻️ Iron
◻️ Calcium
◻️ Keep hydrated. -ALL THE TIME
◻️ Consume nutritious foods (avoid salty ones)
◻️ Maintain a regular exercise routine.

Morning Sickness and Digestive Care:
◻️ Eat fewer, smaller meals more frequently. Not eating can worsen nausea.
◻️ Ginger can help to calm your stomach. Ginger, according to studies, can help satisfy an upset stomach.
◻️ Some foods should be avoided.
◻️ Avoid foul odor.
◻️ Begin aromatherapy.
◻️ Timing is best to take prenatal vitamins.
◻️ Get some sea-band wristbands or get some acupuncture.
◻️ Get up and take a walk.

Newborn checklists:
◻️ Begin thinking about baby names.
◻️ Choose a pediatrician for your child.
◻️ Begin preparing the nursery.
◻️ Clothes
     ◻️ 4-6 infant t-shirts
     ◻️ 6-8 short-sleeved onesies
     ◻️ 4-6 long-sleeved onesies
     ◻️ 4-8 pajama sets
     ◻️ 6-8 pairs of socks
     ◻️ 5 - pairs of knee pads 
     ◻️ 2 - pairs of soft booties (optional before a baby walks)
     ◻️ 4-6 pairs stretch cotton pants
     ◻️ 2-4 cotton sweaters or hoodies
     ◻️ Drooling bandana bib
     ◻️ Baby teether mitten
     ◻️ 2- knit caps
     ◻️ A sun hat
     ◻️ 2-3 pairs of scratch-free mittens
     ◻️ 4-5 outfits that are seasonally appropriate for going out and about
     ◻️ Infant snowsuit and/or bunting (if you plan to go out in the cold)
     ◻️ 3- large cotton blankets
     ◻️ 8 - receiving blankets (they also make handy burp cloths)
◻️ Mild soap for laundry
◻️ Diapers
◻️ Wet wipes
◻️ Baby oils
◻️ Diaper cream to prevent rash
◻️ Moisturizers
◻️ Cleanser
◻️ Mosquito repellent patch
◻️ Get a baby keepsake book.
◻️ Items for feeding
     ◻️ Bottle
     ◻️ Bottle warmer
     ◻️ Breast pump
     ◻️ Breast milk collector shells
     ◻️ Lots of bibs
     ◻️ Burp cloths
     ◻️ Electric Breast pump or Manual pump
     ◻️ Containers for milk storage (here are some essential safety tips on storing breastmilk)
     ◻️ Nursing pillow
     ◻️ Nursing bras (if buying before the baby is born, buy one cup size larger than your pregnant bra size)
     ◻️ Breast pads (disposable or washable)
     ◻️ Breastfeeding cover
     ◻️ Lotion for sore nipples
◻️ Nail clippers or scissors
◻️ Bulb syringe for suctioning mucous
◻️ Put a child seat in your car
◻️ Dust all surfaces
◻️ Change table (or just use change pad on top of dresser or bed)
◻️ Rocking chair for feeding and swaddling
◻️ Playpen
◻️ Walking harness
◻️ Sling reversible carrier or baby carrier
◻️ Diaper bag (premium big nappy backpacklarge diaper backpacksbackpack diaper bag)
◻️ 1 or 2 change pads
◻️ Plastic hangers for closet
◻️ Sunshade for car windows
◻️ 2 or 4 baby pacifiers or personalized pacifier (if you choose to use these)
◻️ Rattles and other baby toys
◻️ Night light
◻️ Tooth box
◻️ Bedding crib mosquito nets
For labor and delivery:
◻️ Pack hospital bag for Mother
     ◻️ Clothes
     ◻️ Toiletries
     ◻️ Snacks
     ◻️ Cell Phone Chargers
     ◻️ Sanitary pads (large box)
     ◻️ Nursing bras or support bras
     ◻️ Ointment for the breasts and nipples
     ◻️ Comfortable clothes (you will be in maternity clothes for some time after delivery)
     ◻️ Ultra-soft toilet paper
     ◻️ Stool softeners
     ◻️ Breast pump
     ◻️ Prenatal vitamins and prescription refills
     ◻️ Hemorrhoid aids (may need)
     ◻️ Cushioned seats/cushions for seats (may need)
◻️ Pack hospital bag for Baby
     ◻️ A going-home outfit
     ◻️ Your vehicle must have an authorized infant car seat with a correctly installed framework.
     ◻️ A few sleepers and onesies, socks, and a hat
     ◻️ A cozy blanket and several receiving blankets
     ◻️ Package of newborn/size small diapers
     ◻️ Package of unscented baby wipes

If there's something we've missed, please let us know, and we will gladly update the list for you.

Have a wonderful and safe pregnancy journey!
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