No Contact Forehead Thermometer

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Hold🖐🏽- Aim🎯- Press👈🏽
Accurate Instant Result

Whether you’re safeguarding your home and family or checking visitors to your office or business, a contact-free thermometer is a must-have item at home.

The No Contact Forehead Thermometer uses a “point and clicks” function to check forehead temperature without any physical contact.

Rest assured, and this risk-free thermometer does not emit or generate radiation. The sensor captures only infrared rays from the body like a camera takes a picture, reads the temperature safely for the whole family members.


✅ No physical contact necessary; hold the thermometer 2 inches or less from the forehead and press the button for instant results.
✅ The backlight screen provides clear, easy-to-read, color-coded results, day or night.
✅ See results at a glance with the color-coded screen - green, yellow, or red will tell you if the tested adult or child is running a fever after a 1 second read time.

infrared sensor

✅ The thermometers include a high-speed precision infrared sensor.
✅ Infrared temperature sensors are measured at the Forehead.
✅ Quickly take the temperature; results are delivered in one second.
✅ Compact size for easy storage and carrying.
✅ Automatic shutdown and power saving.
✅ Switching between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
✅ Multi-function design can measure forehead, room, and object temperature.



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