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Our Smart3d-PenTM is designed to make it easier for anyone to create 3D shapes and designs, and it comes with everything you need to take your Doodling to the next level

Smart3d-PenTM can easily create a variety of unique toys. The DIY 3D printing pen will assist children in developing their spatial thinking, creativity, and artistic abilities.


When not in use for more than 5 minutes, the Smart3d-PenTM will automatically enter standby mode. A heat dissipation port on the 3D printing pen protects the user from burning. Using advanced cooling technology, the filament is heated through the pen body and then cooled before flowing from the nozzle, reducing the risk of burning. 

This Smart3d-PenTM has a slim and lightweight design. It is extremely simple to use, similar to holding a regular pen, and even children can do it with ease. Simply plug it in, turn it on, and you're almost ready to go. It is also non-toxic and has no unpleasant odor, making it far safer and more comfortable than any other 3D plastic pen.


Now you can turn your sketches into 3D masterpieces!

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