Do you want to keep your children close to you at all times when you go out? Secure your children and give them a fun ride on your shoulder with our Handsfree Shoulder Ride for Kids. A new and remarkably simple product that allows parents to carry their children on their shoulders hands-free. It's made of high-quality nylon and has a cushioned hip saddle.

This saddle baby fits any chest size and has strong ankle straps for safety. You can use it while traveling, shopping, picnicking, hiking, and other outdoor activities, and it is also portable. It enables you to safely free your hands to do more and focus on spending quality time with your child.

Children will be able to see more than they can from their stroller. The seat supports the child's hips, supports the thighs, and straps the legs to the parent's or caregiver's chest. Our lightweight shoulder seat with an ergonomic foam saddle promotes natural upright posture and weight balance, making shoulder rides more comfortable.

Both the child and the parent/caretaker have free hands, which allows you to look at a map on your phone, push another child in a stroller, walk the dogs, and so on.
Hands-Free Shoulder ride for Kids Makes Long Day Outs More Comfortable For Your Little One, Allowing Your Children to Have Fun While Staying Hands-Free-At no cost

It's made of high-quality nylon and has a cushioned hip saddle. Your child will be carried safely in his cushioned hip saddle, which has strong ankle straps for added security. Simple to use and transport in any backpack. Suitable for traveling, shopping, picnics, hiking, and other outdoor activities.


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Material: Polyester, Acrylic
Product Size: 30x30cm
Product Weight: 1KG
Bearing Weight: (max. 20 kg / 48 lbs)
Applicable Age: 6 months – 6 years old

Safe to use
Small but powerful
Simple to transport
Maximum comfort for both the parent and the child

Handsfree Travel Shoulder Carrier

1 Set of Freehand Shoulder Carrier

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